Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nominate this Blog for the 2008 Black Weblog Award!

The 2008 Black Weblog Award Nomination Process is now open until August 16, 2008. There are 30 categories and one is The Best Science/Technology Blog! I would REALLY appreciate it if you would nominate my Blog - Urban Science Adventures! © for the best science/tech category. I can't nominate myself, so it's all up to you and your friends.

If you are not an avid blog reader, I would certainly encourage you to check out some blogs. Check out this Black blog aggregator: to discover some great blogs. But I warn you it’s like going down a rabbit hole.
Be sure to nominate this blog for:

The Rules:

The Categories:

Nomination Form: can get started right from there.

Other Blogs I like and I will nominate are:
Best Culture Blog
This category is for blogs which talk about Black culture and/or the African diaspora in a multifaceted and dynamic way.

Best Group Blog
This category is for a single blog which is updated by a group of people (two or more people). This blog can be about any topic. Posts must indicate who the author is for each one; it cannot be one person masquerading as different people (for judging purposes).
Young Black Professional Guide

Best Humor Blog
This category is for humor blogs or blogs which feature humorous content.

Best International Blog
This category is for blogs of any topic that are based in countries other than the United States. The country of origin for the blog must be clearly identified (for judging purposes).
David McQueen

Best Photo Blog
This category is for blogs which feature the blog author’s photographs. A majority of the content (over 90%) must be photos taken by the author. No Getty Images snatching, please.
The People Could Fly

Best Podcast
This category highlights podcasts—serialized audio files available to download—on any topic. Podcasts must be available for download (mp3 format); no strict Flash audio sites unless there’s an option for downloading the shows (for judging purposes).
Delta SEE Radio

Best Video Blog
This category highlights blogs which feature original video content by the blog’s author on any topic. Blog content must be primarily video content (at least 90% of posts, for judging purposes). We are not looking for blogs with Youtube clips of music videos -- this must all be original content by the author.
People Could Fly

Best Writing in a Blog
This category is for blogs which have exceptional writing. This category is judged not on a single post basis, but on the overall posts of the blog.
The Black Snob

Blog to Watch
This category highlights the best “undiscovered” blog in the blogosphere; keep your eye on this one! This is for that great blog that not everyone knows about…but should!
Science To Life


MommyJD said...

Good luck!

DNLee said...

thanks Kimberly

evenus said...

nominated you just a minute ago :)

DNLee said...

Thanks evenus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much (and you got one of my nominations, too)!

Anonymous said...

I should notify my friend about it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

я так считаю: прелестно!! а82ч

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