Monday, August 11, 2008

Greetings from ISBE - Cornell University

I'm attending a scientific conference this week at Cornell University - the 12th Bienneal Congress of the the Internationail Society for Behavioral Ecology. Behavioral Ecology is the scientific study of animal behavior that evaluates animal behavior in the context of an animal's relationship to the environment, its social group, its predators, its prey -- everything. It evaluates the costs and benefits of behavior as it relates to a species ability to survive and thrive (reproduce).

This is one of the largest science conferences I've ever attended. There are over 1000 behavioral ecologists attending this meeting, most presenting their research to peers. I'm not presenting a paper, but I am making some great connections with some people. In fact, I'll be sharing some latest and greatest behavior research findings with you. Already, I've met some great researchers doing some interesting work with a variety of animals. Conference is great - There are hundreds of people talking about all of these neat and exciting findings in the Animal Kingdom. It's like a whole series of trailers for an upcoming Animal Planet/National Geographic?Discovery Channel special.

Be sure to tune back in.

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