Thursday, August 21, 2008

Links to other 'Urban Science' posts

I was Google Hiking (like Blog Safari a la Electronic Village) and came across some GREAT discoveries out there! Please visit the links and enjoy reading more about urban nature and other urban environmental issues.

Nighttime Wildlife in Central Park New York - from NPR
More evidence that there is a host of interesting wildlife that call cities - even large a large metropolitan area - home. Also, parks are great examples of "refuges" for urban wildlife. Get to know your 'other' neighbors.

Science/Nature things to do with the kids in the Triangle, NC - from Blog Around the Clock
Hey, No Child Left Inside! I know in some places, school has started, but it still feels so good outside. So keep up the momentum and get those busy-bodies outside to play and learn. And trust me, you'll love it too. Lots of great ideas of things to do. But even if you don't live in the Raliegh-Durham area, these are some great starter ideas. And I love this picture of this little girl. She could SO be my little girl...She looks just like me, chubby cheeks and all. That was me at her age.

Trees for Grannies, a Thermoregulating Project by World of Warmth - from Treehugger
This is a neat project. First, it's about researchers who use thermo-imaging to study biological phenomena - everything from how a fever works to how your home's energy efficiency. And with that they found that areas near nursing homes and elder-care centers have some serious thermoregulation issues. So they are promoting eco-community service - Plant trees near nursing homes! It improves the landscape for the centers and provides affordable thermoregulation for these homes. This is a GREAT Service project idea for high school and college students.

California Set to Adopt Nation's First Anti-Sprawl Law - from Treehugger
This is an urban sustainability issues. Living in cities are great, but when cities grow too large, too fast it really stresses our resources - natural resources and municipal capacity.

No Bottled Water in London, Ontario - from Treehugger
What could be so wrong with bottled water? Remember my landfill posts? Well, this city is taking a stand against all of the unnecessary accumulation of these plastic bottles in their landfill. Plus, bottle water isn't always safer water. In this city, the water is clean and safe. Why buy what's already free and safe.

Until later,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these links. I also enjoyed your photos of Ithaca. They are absolutely beautiful!

Just FYI, I have a science/nature blog, mostly for kids. You can check it at

DNLee said...

Thanks Roberta. I'm glad to learn about more science/nature blogs.

audupord said...

wow. cool. much obliged for these - and thanks, Roberta, too. there should be no gap between urban environments and nature. stuff like this keeps waking us up to that. found this thru the facebook link. (i'm Much peace.


Anonymous said...

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