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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Urban Science Adventures Shout Out to Barrington Irving of Miami

I'm rounding out the week with another -Space Science piece, Urban Science Adventures! © style.

Do you know Barrington Irving? I didn't until the other day when I heard a story on CNN about him. He is the youngest and 1st Black pilot to fly around the world solo. How young is he? 23 years. Amazing isn't it.
But that's not the most amazing thing about this young man. He built a single engine airplane in 10 weeks with the help of inner-city high school students of Miami, Florida. He started a program called Build & Soar. It is a hands-on after-school science education and incentive program to encourage these students to do well in school and inspire them. And many of the students are now excited about careers in aeronautics and engineering they had never thought of before.
It is one of many Science Education Programs that proves that when you give every student a chance, patience, and especially resources, they can do it all.
Also check out his vodcast interview with NASA NE Experience Aviation.

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