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Friday, October 10, 2008

Science News from Tree Hugger

Okay, it should be no big surprise that I subscribe to Tree Hugger. I mean I am a tree-hugging eco-warrior type. Plus, they do share some amazing stories and tips. In fact, I pass on alot of their stuff to you.

Here are two things I must share.

A local teenager, from Chesterfield, Missouri took the very lucartive 3M Young Scientist Challenge. She's in Middle School!

A big hearty congratuations goes to young Miss Melissa Ray who is officially America's Top Young Scientist. Read the complete story here.


A dolphin rescue attempt was caught on tape. Earlier this year I shared a link to a video of Dolphins who save an infant whale. I know as a strict and well-trained Animal Behaviorist that I cannot say as an expert that these animals have intentions and meaning. But, deep in my soul I believe these animals are very intelligent and do things that have an obvious motivation and directing. Dolphins truly are amazing creatures.

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