Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Science Online09 – Science Blogging Conference

On January 16 -19, 2009, several dozen scientists, educators, science journalists, science bloggers, and some proud techies for good measure will convene on the Sigma Xi Center, Research Triangle, NC – the Center of the Science Universe.

Science Online09 is the 3rd Annual Conference on about Science Blogging. It’s all about Doing, teaching and communicating science on the Web. It is a free unconference for everyone interested in science communication and education, how the Web is changing science, and how science is changing the Web. There will also be Lab tours. This is truly fun nerdy stuff: A field trip to local science labs and museums and demonstrations. It’s like visiting Epcot Center.
Registration is nearing 75%. If you think you’re interested you should sign up now. Or if you simply want to see if your favorite science blogs and magazines will be represented check to see who has already registered.

Conference organizers recommend for participants to start thinking now about what you can bring to the discussion. They even recommend sharing links and questions and resources, and keeping a notebook so we're come to the workshops ready to gab. In fact I registered to attend and was asked to moderate a session: Race in science – online and offline. In fact, the entire Program is shaping up nicely. I am quite excited to attend and participate.

I read some of these blogs daily and can’t wait to meet the authors. I’m looking quite forward to learning and networking.
It was only 6 months ago that I was concern about my blog’s growth and outreach capacity and now I have experienced a number of highs.

1. Becoming a Finalist Nomination for 2008 Weblog Awards in the Science/Tech Category. That really spread the word to people, especially among African-American Bloggers.

2. Being invited to contribute to the Young Black Professional Guide – a forum of multiple perspectives and advice to support the many challenges that Young Black Professionals face. Through YBPGuide I am reaching more people and sharing science and environmental lessons with a traditionally under-served audience.

3. And now this. Participating as a moderator in the ScienceOnline Conference.

Proud to be a Nerd,

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