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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Science Video Contests

I find the communication vehicles afforded by the internet quite fascinating. You communicate visually, in writing, and auditory. Pretty much everything but touch, taste and smell and I bet someone is working on that.
For those of you have started following me recently, you may be surprised to know that all of this started out as a way to pour my energies into outreach until I could snag an opportunity to go live. My fondest wish is to produce a science television program about urban ecology and environmental education. I love sharing science and I’m not shy.
That brings me to two crazy ideas have swirling around in my head: Entering a couple of Video Contests. Yes, I am diligently working on the dissertation. But this is in the name of Science. It’s one of my synergistic activities. That makes it alright then.

Contest #1
Tom's of Maine River Stories Video Contest
Make a video talking about your eco-friendly river experiences.
The Prize: a New Honda Prius
I’ve got lots of possible stories to tell. I’ve lived in a Mississippi River city most of my life. More recently, I have done several work/volunteer projects that deal with the Mississippi & Missouri River Confluence.
A new fuel efficient car would be sweet. I’d have to pass a hat around to pay the taxes on that prize. Deadline for Submission Oct 31, 3008

Contest #2
AAAS Science Dance Party Dance Your PhD Thesis Contest
The Prize: Conference & Travel Fees to the AAAS meeting in Chicago 2009.
I’m writing up my dissertation and preparing my presentation for defense right now. What better time to do a dance interpretation of my dissertation. Do you think I can submit that to my committee? Hmmm.
Deadline for submission Nov 16, 2008

Join me, why don't ya?


Miriam Goldstein said...

You ARE going to enter the AAAS dance contest, right? Because a vole behavior dance would be AMAZING.

DNLee said...

I having the darnest time thinking up a routine. In fact I'm blocked about writing about my studies, too. Maybe a little Achy-Breaky will unblock me.

Roberta said...

With your great communication skills and serious science creds, I think science TV would be an awesome idea. I'll be watching for you.

Good luck on the contests. Hope you are unblocked now.

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