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Friday, October 24, 2008

Russian Conservation News Now in Russian and English

Written by leading conservationists, scientists, and researchers, Russian Conservation News provides a voice for those who are working hard to conserve the natural treasures of northern Eurasia and its unique and extensive system of protected lands.

You may know of Yellowstone Park, but have you heard of the Valley of the Geysers in Kronotsky Zapovednik? Or the new national park network to protect Siberian tiger habitats in the Russian Far East? Why should you care?…because nature doesn't respect political boundaries. Climate change, global warming, destruction of natural habitat and loss of biodiversity affect us all, no matter where they occur.

Check it out. Please download a free copy now, in Russian or in English. Enjoy the stunning wildlife photography of Igor Shpilenok and others. Learn about Russia's unique natural habitats, the challenges they face, and the people who are dedicated to preserve them.

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