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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Donors Choose to fund School Supplies to Needy Schools

I know these economic times are hitting most of us hard. But I want to let you know about a great philanthropic effort – DonorsChoose. It is a non-profit education fundraising website. Teachers from poor public schools submit proposals for supplies and equipment to teach bright and deserving students. As a Donor or Philanthropic Citizen you choose the classrooms projects to support.

If for some reason you were not able to take part in the KidSmart School Supply Drive, have no worries. You can make a donation of $5 or more and help bring some amazing and fun learning activities to life. I am asking you to make a donation to one or more class projects. As a science educator, I pushing for science and math education programs, but every single proposal is worthy.

I made a donation as a part of a Challenge Fundraisers for Bloggers – Blogger Challenge ‘08. Some of my favorite, must-read blogs are participating in this year’s challenge, so I’m plugging for them.

Black Bloggers for Education includes
BDPA Foundation – which was one of the first tech blogs to show me love. If you are a member of a local chapter of the Black Data Processors Association, please contribute to the projects listed on this giving page.
Jack & Jill Politics – who pull no punches in delivering political news and commentary
Science, Education, & Society – a fellow science nominee of the Black Weblog Award

Various individual blogs from the Science community are participating, including Bora who is responsible for my participation in the upcoming ScienceOnline09 Conference.

And several members of the BlogHer community are also participating in the challenge.

Please, please participate. Like I said, as little as $5 can help make a difference.

Thanks for your participation.

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