Sunday, April 25, 2010

Travelog San Francisco: Protecting the Coastal Bay

When I was in San Francisco I did the tourist-y things.  I took the double-decker bus to Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I love the Bay.  I can see why people bit the bullet and pay the huge costs of living to call The Bay home.  I certainly would.

The Bay - the sea and land areas near it is a multi-use area.  Once a very important naval base for defense, The City's Naval history is still noticeable.  But people also enjoy tour excursions out on the water, visits to Alcatraz, plus recreational water sports.  It's an amazing place full of beauty and wildlife. 

Then I wonder, how does all of this human activity - this city and its water use and disposal of waste water, these vessels for transportation all coexist with the natural world. No doubt nature takes a hit, but who are the people and agencies responsible for being responsible?

As I was walking along the boardwalk, I came across this interpretive display.

It seems the gentleman mentioned at the bottom of the sign is responsible for Protecting the Bay, Mr. David Hayes - Project Manager.

Sometimes recognizing diversity in natural resource careers isn't so conspicuous, but it's always a great thing to discover...and share.

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