Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day!
Today marks the 40th annual celebration of the Earth.  Let's celebrate it and let's appreciate it.  We've only got one home (planet), let's take care of it.  Hope you get to enjoy the Earth Day activities in your area.  Get outdoors,pick up litter, recycle, bicylce, hike, walk, bird watch, and find something great to enjoy!

I'm headed to Murray State University (in Kentucky).  I've giving my first ever seminar talk.  College science departments often have weekly or monthly speakers come and talk about their research.  As a grad student, it's a regular thing to see and hear professors from all over the region or nation come and talk about the papers we may be reading.  Undergraduates sometimes attend.  But as a newly minted PhD this is a big deal to meal.  It's like a debutante ball!  I'll be giving a talk about my dissertation research - a reacap of my defense talk I gave a little more than a month ago.  Plus, I hope to make some great connections.

Yay, for science!

As usual, thanks for your well wishes and support.  Everything you contribute helps fund these little science adventures.  In this case, gas money to Murray, Kentucky.

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Kam Kam Speaker I am said...

Congrats Nicole...PhD. :)

DNLee said...

Thanks, cousin.

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