Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Travelog San Francisco: Blooms from The Bay

I visited the Bay area (San Francisco and Berkeley, California) for the first time year. I LOVED the Bay. I could so live there.

Spring time blooms in Union Square, San Francisco

The color of San Francisco is violet. These blue-violet colored flowers seemed to be everywhere. This picture was taken at Golden Gate Park.
This plant reminds me of the water pickerels in Missouri. Are they related? I'm asking my botany friends.

A very pretty in pink cultivar. Notice the bee?

Daisy-type flowers, you know Asteriidae were my favorite flowers. Isn't the purple color just lovely. The bright California sunshine really made the color pop!

I just loved this flower when I saw it. Warm tones like dark oranges, yellows and reds are my favorite colors.

Staring down the center I seemed to be carried away. I loved low the uniformly yellow-orange flower had a deeper hue in the middle near the anthers and filament. The anthers and petals are the exact same hue. Lovely.
My friend Rue, of Outdoor Afro, later told me this is the California Poppy, the state flower of California.
California Love

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Anonymous said...

I am not a botanist, but I do know my southwest flowers. The blue dealies are lupines, very happy, very lush lupines. You can find lupines of all types all throughout the southwest (and probably elsewhere)--small ones with soft fuzzy leaves, big ones that look like bushes, purply ones, pink-y ones. I looove lupines.

They are not related to the pickerel rush--the lupine is a member of the pea family.

Glad you enjoyed SF. I loved living in that area.

Rue said...

Awww yes! I delighted in telling you about the Poppy. Amazing what we take for granted. Thanks for allowing us to see through your eyes!

Abel Pharmboy said...

These are awesome! And what a fantastic picture of you. Thanks for this post.

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