Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's right and wrong with science?

Sorry, I missed Wordless Wednesday this week, especially announcing my "comeback". You see, I was in Chicago for the holiday, working on one super-fantastic post - a reflective piece about outdoor education, outreach, and my work experiences with the summer camp - complete with cool pictures, when my hard drive crashed...Yes. It just crashed. Thankfully, my laptop is still under warranty, so I'm getting a new one. I'm also very thankful that my dissertation - data, manuscripts, pdfs, graphs, and all were not lost. Whew! I keep my most current copy on a thumb drive. (And yes, I have backed ALL of that up again and again in new places).

But I did lose all of my nature photos - of urban landscapes, wildlife, insects, trees, plants, flowers, animal signs....everything. So I had nothing to offer. I'm still working on a plan to rescue those things, so look out for next week.

In the meantime, I wanted to spread the word on a great online project initiated by my friends and Year of Science 2009 Colleagues - Science Chicago! They are hosting a discussion about Ethics in Science. They want to know your opinions about what's right and what's wrong in science? Tell them your ideas, questions and opinions about bioethics and they will share them with our panel of scientists at "Bridging the Gap: Bioethics, Medical Humanities and Society" on July 29! This will be a FREE event hosted by Chicago Public Radio's Gabriel Spitzer.
The topic is about Stem Cell Research. Here's a little snippet:

"This week, the Obama administration released its guidelines for the development and use of stem cells for medical research... While the policy does indeed relax some of those rules (set by President Bush), it also highlights the complicated ethical issues involved in stem cell research...

We invite you to join us for a special July 29th evening Science Conversation on this topic: Bridging the Gap: Bioethics, Medical Humanities and Society. This lively presentation features two of Chicago’s leading experts on biological and medical ethics, Mark Siegler, M.D. from The University of Chicago and Laurie Zoloth, Ph.D. from Northwestern University. This event will be moderated by Gabriel Spitzer of Chicago Public Radio, and will focus on some current issues in bioethics.
And…we really want you to join this conversation and tell us in advance what you’d like the experts to discuss."

Check out the full announcement:
Deciding Right From Wrong – Join a Conversation on Bioethics!site and leave a comment. I hope those of you in the Chicagoland area make time to attend.


Unknown said...
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Rabiah Mayas said...

Hey Danielle,

Thanks so much for the great shout-out to your readers and your ongoing support of the program! If you're in town late August, you HAVE to come to our finale event, LabFest! at Millennium Park. Free super-science fun in the park - totally up your alley:-)

Unknown said...


Two things

1) You should use Mozy for automated, secure, online backups

2) If an IT person who knows how to recover data hasn't looked at it, feel free to ship it up and I'll see if the drive has truly crashed.

Physical damage to the discs is the most difficult to recover from but if your partition tables were corrupted, I can pop in a Linux boot CD and often recover files for people.

Anonymous said...

thx for your information ! awesome ! keep it up your good works ! :)

Marimoy said...

I wish I could be there...

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