Tuesday, December 02, 2008

National Props for Local Science Blogger - The Love continues.

All Grins. Why? I'm happy for all of the support and snaps for my science blogging. That's a picture of me in my "office" Panera Bread Company. hahaha. I often blog from here or one of my other "office" spaces like Starbucks, Borders, etc.

Anyway, a big shot out to K. Shafferkoetter of the Press office of my university - UM-St. Louis. Thanks to her I got a really great review and nod from Confluence City, a local news blog that has some affiliation with local media companies.



suiteSTL said...

CONGRATS on your success and we wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Your office looks great! I could just live at Starbucks. :)

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