Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Science Blogging Interview with Miss Baker's Biology Class

Science Blogging for Education takes on many forms. One interesting blog is a group-authored blog - Extreme Biology - that is operated byMiss Baker's Biology Class of high school students at The Calverton School (a small school tucked away in Southern Maryland, USA.)

The students and their teacher will attend the ScienceOnline09 Blogging Conference. They will be moderating a session: Science online – middle/high school perspective (or: “how the Facebook generation does it”?). I look forward to meeting them and their session.Erik, a student of Miss Baker's interviewed me. He thinks my blog is really cool and offers alot of "good information for everyone, especially people who live where nature seems devoid". Thanks, Erik.
He asked me questions such as:
What subjects in science do you find most fascinating and why?
Were you always interested in them?
What is you best advice for kids who live in urban areas where nature seems missing?
Find out the answers to these questions and more at their super fabulous, award-winning science education blog at: An Interview with Danielle Lee, Author of Urban Science Adventures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Lee,

My name is Brandon. I am a student in Miss Baker Biology Class. I would love for you to comment to a post I wrote inspired by your session at Science Online. One of our assignments is to discuss published work with a practicing scientist.

If you would, please answer the questions bolded at the bottom of my post. Also, please note that I asked you to do this :)

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