Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday: Moon - My visit to Adler Planetarium

I’m piggy backing off of Villager’s Manic Monday Meme: Moon. Each Manic Monday introduces a new theme for bloggers to explore in any way they see fit. Villager always takes the time to connect the meme theme to African-American Culture. Today, he introduced his readers to African-American Astronauts of NASA.

How timely, I visited the Adler Planetarium just this past weekend and there was a NASA Education Exhibit there.

NASA is celebrating 50 years of research, innovation, education, and exploration. I had a great time and learned alot. Science Agencies and Science Museums like the Adler work together to share science with everyone. I applaud the efforts and variety of ways scientists and educators work together to help the general public understand what NASA and Scientists do and how everyone benefits from their work. Moreover, these Outreach Programs introduce audiences to career tracks that may often be overlooked by school counselors. NASA is the pioneer of science outreach. They do a hefty amount of outreach and education to students (K-12)and their teachers and to college students. How else do we get new astronauts if they don't study and go to college?

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Unknown said...

Happy MM! Great photo of you next to the moon-suit!

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. I invite your blog readers to see my tribute to the Negro Space Program!

peace, Villager

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