Monday, January 05, 2009

Book Review: In My Backyard

Title: In My Backyard
Author: Margriet Ruurs
Illustrator: Ron Broda
Publisher: Tundra Books

Wildlife is all around you and your backyard is home to a host of creatures. Isn't that what I've been saying? This book is perhaps the most unique book I’ve recommended. It is actually a series of very short poems that describe the natural history of everyday backyard animals. The illustrations are actually paper Mache scenes of a backyard with birds, trees, frogs, bugs and small mammals like bats, mice, and opossums. The legend in the back of the book gives more details of each of the species introduced. It is a perfect read-a-long book for young readers in grades K-2 and a perfect companion of Urban Science Adventures! (c)

B& N Synopsis
From the singing of little wrens in spring to paper wasps building their nests in summer; from baby bats drinking mother’s milk in fall to baby possums climbing into mother’s pouch in winter, In My Backyard celebrates nature and backyard animals through the seasons. Wildlife artist Ron Broda’s detailed paper-sculpture art beautifully complements Margriet Ruurs’ lyrical text, and young readers will discover a captivating variety of animals and insects.Find the ladybug in each illustration, along with a hidden animal, which becomes featured on the next page. A detailed legend and helpful hints on how to turn your own backyard into an inviting place for animals to live make this book a must-have for wildlife and nature lovers alike.

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Sounds like a neat book! :)

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