Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review - Blog Carnival is up

A happy and hearty Good Day to everyone.

Monday is Book Review day, but since am still recuperating and beaming from the 3rd Annual Science Blogging Conference, I'm trying to do a two-fer.
I learned at the ScienceOnline09 Workshop - Blog Carnivals: Why You Should Participate moderated by Mike Bergin that if you participate in a carnival you should also help promote the carnival.
My last two book reviews (In My Backyard and Birds of Prey) made it in Juvenile Nonfiction section of the 9th Edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival at BreeniBooks.
So, please check it out.
I realize this doesn't necessarily help me meet my committment to post a book review, but come back next week. I have two really good children's science books to tell you about - both about bugs. In the meantime, enjoy these great photos of bugs I saw when I visited the North Carolina Life and Science Museum. Thanks Kristen, Troy, & Jeff for inviting me out and many thanks to
Leon (the Entomologist) for entertaining me. (My new friends I met at the ScienceOnline09 Conference).

A leaf bug

Rhinocerous Beetle
Cock Roaches
Madagascar Hissing Roaches
Leaf-cutter/Fungus Farming Ants


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