Monday, April 28, 2008

Plant and nurture your trees

Trees often seem so stalwart and strong. But they do require some tending, too. Newly planted trees are especially important. Young trees are vulnerable to animal predation or nibbling from deer, rabbits, field mice and insects.

This is a young tree that is infected with a colony of tent catepillars. I got this picture just in time, because the neighbors that take care of the trees and plants on this street and the medium where this street grows were planning to kill these 'pests' in the coming days. These insects -though apart of the natural process and food web - will kill young trees.

So you might need to help out young trees at first, but it is worth it.

If you are planting trees on your property be sure it is the Right tree in the right place. Also make sure you check on the health of tree and take care of it. And if possible, definitely plant trees and shrubs that are native to your region. Planting native trees require less care because they are adapted to the environmental conditions – the heat, humidity, cold, amount of water, and insects. Non-native trees have to be watered and perhaps pruned to control their growth.

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