Monday, February 04, 2008

Black History Feature: Matthew Henson - Arctic Explorer

Arctic Explorer and African-American Matthew Henson is considered a great figure in science and history. History records him as the first Black Man to reach the North Pole, along with Robert Peary, and 11 others in that brave expedition. The year was 1909 and they overcame amazing odds against nature to survive the journey and return to document their findings. He is considered a national hero and is buried at Arlington National Cemetary. But a very important science discovery and moment in Black History very well lose all significance and context.

Why? Fewer that 100 years since that team's arrival to the Artic, our generation may actually witness the sad loss of this special and important ecosystem. Arctic (and Antartic Ice) is melting...way too fast. Some researchers sadly predict that the summer Artic ice may be completely gone by 2012, much faster than predictions made only a few years ago. That's only 4 years from now!!! That is alarming. And if you thought that film footage of the exhaused polar bear on Planet Earth was heartbreaking, then get ready to buy more tissues. Polar Bear habitat is at risk..from global warming and human economic activities.

Let's get educated, become aware, and act!!

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