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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

International Polar Day! Celebrating the People of the Polar Regions

Today, September 24th, 2008 marks the sixth quarterly International Polar Day.

This is a special day within the bigger celebration of International Polar Year (IPY)- 2007-2009. IPY is a huge, multi-national research and educational awareness effort to bring attention to the importance of and the decline of precious Polar Ecosystems. This quarter’s International Polar day focuses on People – The People of the Polar Regions.

I’ll admit my own shortcomings. I don’t know much about the people of the Polar regions. So, I really appreciate the educational materials provided by the website. I read them and now I know that people of Arctic regions face many of the same challenges that we do – public health, raising families, maintaining communities, and adapting in the natural world. Please check out the materials. If you are an educator please conduct these activities with your students. Or if you are a parent or after-school youth leader, please consider these activities to keep your children busy and mentally active. They are a great resource.
Discussion Activity
People Summary

Finally, check out my other posts about International Polar Year.

I even launced a Virtual Balloon to mark my participation in this event. Will you launch yours, too.

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