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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green Jobs Now National Day of Action

Whew! This is one fabulous green-centered weekend. Today, Sept 27th is also a National Day of Action to Build a New Economy – a Green Economy.

So as you and your family are enjoying this day, celebrating Take a Child Outside Week or Public Lands Day, also think Celebrate the Developing a New Economy. In fact, some people are co-opting National Public Lands Day celebration as a Green Jobs Now Action Rallies. That’s great.
Learn more about Green for All and their great work here.

If you live in the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area below is a list of Green Jobs Now Day of Action Events.
University City , MO
National Public Lands Day - 09/27
Other National Public Lands Events see my previous post.
St. Louis, MO
Green Jobs Now March and Rally- 09/27
St. Louis, MO
Green Homes & Renewable Energy Festival- 09/27
(I’m going to this one, so maybe I’ll see you out!)
Litchfield, IL
Green Jobs Now- 09/27

If you participate, let me know about it.
Have a great weekend.


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