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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teens, Sex, and Technology

My intended audience for this site are teens and families. Though the main purpose is to share urban ecology and urban wildlife science, I sometimes feel compelled to share information I think would be generally useful for young people. I post about human behavior sometimes, usually in the context of 'what we can do to have a lesser impact on nature'. But I also care about young people being safe and ready for adulthood. I have worked with and mentored many young people (middle school and high school age) and I am very concerned about their perception of sex and the quality of sex education they receive. I know too many teen girls and boys who are parents and/or who have had to treat a STI.

It is for this reason that I am sharing the following links with you all. Please visit them and share with others, especially the young people in your lives.

Fresh Focus Video Contest: Why Is Sex So Interesting and Sex Ed So Boring?
There are 10 Sex Ed Video Contest short films. These shorts were produced by young people. They film their Sex ed experiences and how inadequate the lessons were and what they wished their parents, teachers, and other adults had taught them about sex. Great conversation starters and sex education tools for young people. Check out their videos and vote for your favorites. You have until January 16th to vote. Winners will be announced January 22nd. I'm partial to Video 9 I must admit. My cousin, a film school student and new intern for Spike Lee, produced it and her younger sister is the main character in the . I am so proud and I am shamelessly asking you to vote for it. But many of the others are great, too.

Sex::Tech Conference Focus on Youth
This organization seems to be a great online resource with real talk answers about sex and technology aimed at young people. They are even sponsoring a conference on STD/HIV Prevention for Teens in San Francisco.

Stay informed. Stay Safe. Let's all work together to help young people become healthy adults.


Kam Kam Speaker I am said...

Nicole, sometimes I start emails and stop them because I have so much to say and something happens where I don't have enough time and end up deleting the whole thing. This has definitely happened in my attempt o write to you. I guess alot of what I wanted to say was thanks and so much love to you. You have been supporting us from the get go and you are constantly doing your thing with Urban Science and keeping people informed about whats going on in the world, themselves, and nature. You're good!
But I shall go and we will talk soon. Its mad crazy out here in the new york streets.
love you and keep yourself warm.


Anonymous said...

How do you think credit crunch affected porn?


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