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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Urban Wildlife Watch - Earthworms

During hot summer days, my younger sibling often tryies to rescue poor little earthworms trying to cross the hot sidewalk. It's as if the little guys started out early that morning, when the day was fresh and cool and still moist with dew at the edge of the walk. They were inching their way ever so steadfast across the walk. Creep. creep. creep.
And then, the sun began to rise higher in the sky, and the dew evaporated. The side walk warmed. A few passer-bys squished a worm here. there. A robin snagged a few plumped snacks.
The sun is high in the sky. And the poor worm is getting ever so dry and parched. And by 2 pm, the hottest part of the day, the little guy is dry. Withered away and stuck to piping hot concrete. Only inches away from the soil on the other side of the walk.

Poor little worms, my sibling would remark. But, you may also notice more earthworms when you're doing yard work, tilling soil, planting grass or trees or shrubs. Their thick, juicy, moist bodies peak through the soil here and there. You may have also noticed more earthworms following a rain shower. has posted this great little reader about why
Earthworms come out when it rains.

Enjoy looking out for Earthworms -- the oft overlooked urban wildlife.

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