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Monday, January 14, 2008

Interactive Science Lesson - Cancer

Okay, it's not urban ecology, but it is an important matter -- your health. Cancer is a comm0n disease that affects every living creature (yes, any kind of animal or plant can get cancer) and every tissue (any part of your body can get cancer). Not all cancers are fatal, but it can really bring you down. One important thing to understand about cancer is that it is based on a completely natural biological process - Mitosis. Any student who has taken high school biology or higher has heard it. Quick and dirty: Mitosis is the way a cell divides & reproduces. It's how we get new skin cells and other tissue cells to keep our bodies going. But with cancer, the cells don't stop reproducing and things just get all our of hand.

Children's Hospital Boston has a great interactive website about how cancer grows and spreads.
It's a perfect way to introduce a science lesson about cancer or supplement a mitosis or disease physiology lesson.

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