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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cool New Science Discoveries

Discovery #1: Photosynthesis...not just for plants and algae anymore.
Well, something like that. A new discovery has found that a species of clam can actually gulp air and covert it to protein. Yes, using microbes that live in its gut, the clam can covert the Nitrogen in the air and make protein. Proteins are to animals what carbohydrates are the plants -- the main building blocks for tissue growth. Plant tissues are mostly made of carbon and Animal tissues are mostly made of Nitrogen. For both plants and the shipworm, they can take inert, non-active carbon and nitrogen in the air and create building blocks. Check out the full story.

Discovery #2: Skating on thin, short-lived ice.
Particularly in the northern US and Canada, ice skating on the river and lakes are apart of local traditions. But with recent concern over climate change, a team of scientists looked into records of lake and river freezes over the lst 150 years. The deep freeze season is getting shorter. Lakes and rivers are freezing later and the thaw comes sooner each year. This means a short ice skating season. Plus, there is a record of air temperatures increasing a little more than 1 degree Celsius over the last 100 year. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. Check out the full story.

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