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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Science News Stories

It's a bit a bit of a smorgasborg, but here are 3 interesting links.

1. The Mississippi River is a little under the weather. Why? Way too much cabon dioxide and it's all being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. Too much CO2 in the ocean throws off the pH and affects the living organisms there -- all of them from the microscopic plankton and algae to complex organism like coral reefs. Just like terrestial systems, too much CO2 in the air, throw off plant life and everything else in the food chain lives off the plants.

2. Understanding science, especially about your body and nutrition can help you become healthier. So this article reminds us all to mind our eating habits. Too much meat and fast food eating can have negative consequences on not only your weight, but affects heart health and diabetes risk too.

3. Finally, there's nothing like an industrious teen. Check out this article about this kid who made a fully-functional bicycle from wood. It's neat.

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