Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Still Stalking in the Snow

The SnowPocalypse isn't all bad. At least I was able to snap some really great animal tracks on my deck and in my back yard.

Cat paw prints

Notice the paw pads. Cats walk intheir own tracks, the back paws step into the same spot as the front paws, creating a single middle pad and 5 smaller pad impressions.

This cat walked the length of my backyard from the back gate (where there is a small hole), past the red bucket to the deck.
The snow is 6 inches deep at this point.
Cats are still active, even in the cold weather.

Paw print with the distinctive 4 toe pads.
Has the SnowPacolypse revealed any animal tracks in your yard?


Rue said...

Part of me wishes we had real winter weather here. In the SF Bay area, we *visit* snow for recreation.

FrauTech said...

Adorable. Even cat paw prints are cute. No snow out here either, so I only get them in the dust on my car sometimes when one of them is looking for a warm hood to nap on.

Kind of Curious said...

Great photos! We got a lot of rabbit tracks, and of course paw prints from our dog all over the place.

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