Saturday, June 20, 2009

Live from Chicago...It's Blogging While Brown Conference

I am attending the Blogging While Brown Conference. I wrote about my feelings about this conference previously, here and here. Thankfully a scholarship became available and I was able to attend.

I’m meeting new people and hearing some interesting ideas. However, I keep referencing this blogging conference to the other blogging conference I have attended. Hmm, still comparing the two. Maybe I should stop that. But I also keep thinking about all of the posts and pictures (and my goodness – a Carnival!) I have in progress in word files, in electronic photo albums, and the cobwebs in my head…I’m reserving all of my best energy and writing for the dissertation, which by the way is progressing. I’m a little behind turning in stuff to my lab mates, but I have meeting this Monday and I’ll be back on track. The good news, my committee likes my chapter 1. It’s well organized and the recommendations are all for clarity!!! So, as I get things handed in to committee, I’ll be sharing my Urban Science Adventures! ©

Back to the conference….
So far, there are three – 3 – STEM bloggers here. Me, Dr. Rabiah and Adria
The workshops have been informative, and I’ve been interested in the Branding Workshop. My purpose in attending this conference had to do with the developing notion in my head of reaching African-American audiences (an under-served group) and engaging them in science. I’m learning some things and synthesizing even more information.
I finally met Fredrick of YBPGuide.
Plus, I’m twittering about the conference at #bwb. Follow or contribute to the conferencePictures from the conference so far are below.

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Unknown said...

What do you consider the best 'learning' from the BWB conference in Chicago?

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