Saturday, April 11, 2009

Firefly Watching Time again

It's that time again. The Museum of Science (in Boston, Massachusetts) is sponsoring another year of citizen science. Everyone from everywhere is asked to keep an eye out for fireflies in their neighborhoods. Why?  Many scientists think the numbers of variety of firefly species are declining.

Today, was the kickoff for the summer citizen science project - Firefly Watch.  If I were in Boston, I sure would have been there, and had my little niece in tow.

The day long celebration and outreach program included brief introductions by firefly scientists Dr. Don Salvatore, Dr. Chris Cratsley, Dr. Kristian Demary, and Adam South.  There were also a hosts of children friendly events.
Join me again this year and report about the fireflies you see.  In fact, journalists want to hear from you - junior naturalists, citizen scientists. According the the Firefly Watch newsletter Boys' Life magazine is looking for boys age 7 - 17 for a feature article. TheCommunity Newspaper Company in Massachusetts is also looking to talk to participants of any age in towns across the state. Interested? Contact Mike Morrison for more information:


Anonymous said...

Great photo.

Unknown said...

We don't have many up here, see them rarely and not in droves like I remember from my Missouri summers.

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