Friday, March 13, 2009

Week of the Blue: What's next for the Blue Whale?

The show airs again Sunday, March 15, 2009. But what happens next? What can we do to help the Blue whale and the very much threaten marine ecosystem. Can there be a balance between human needs and nature? Must we always be in conflict?

For example, how does import and export of goods across the ocean impact wildlife. As the show detailed, it does, but we're not sure of exactly how deep the impact is. The special also introduced many of us to cultures that consume whale meat. How does the consumption of seafood products - including fish and shrimp impact marine ecosystems.

I hope it is becoming apparent to you that everything in this world is connected. Nothing we do is without consequences. As ecologists often say, there are downstream effects. I do know that nothing positive happens with out knowledge. The television special was just the first step in learning more. The next move is ours.

I've put together a list of web resources to help you in your research.Many of these links come from the books I recommended to you earlier this week. (Great books,huh?)
American Cetacean Society - hear sounds of beluga whales
National Geographic Animal Pages
Cornell University Macaulay Library of Animal Sounds - Marine Collection
Ocean Research and Conservation Association

Finally, Cathy Preston, a graduate student in marine conservation at the University of California San Diego interested in Marine Policy and Conservation. Part of her research project is about sustainable seafood practices. Sustainable seafood practices might be one of the ways to balance human and nature conflicts. Her research involves asking people about their seafood consumption and choices. She has an online survey that you can fill out and only takes a few minutes. As a fellow graduate student and scientist, I know how hard it can be to get enough data. I am asking all you, my very lovely readers to participate. Here is the link to the survey.

Thank you very much.

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