Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dissertation on My Mind Photo Essay: The Field Site

I gave you a little look at my field site with yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday entry. Here are daytime photos of my adventures in live-trapping prairie voles. I study prairie voles from central Illinois – Urbana and Champaign, Illinois.

Roadside field site along a county road in Urbana.
Live trap hiding in the tall prairie grass.

The vole's view of the world.

Another field site - a field of Alfalfa.

Big hair on the prairie - Me at my most successful trapping site - the Agriculture field, growing Alfalfa, on the University of Illinois campus.


Unknown said...

So you're studying voles? Just voles? I'm up here in Wisconsin and I have two shrews living in my yard. :)

DNLee said...

Lisa: so far just voles. I studied meadow voles for my masters, and now prairie voles for my doctorate. did you see my post about moles and shrews?

Anonymous said...

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