Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Suburban Ecology as a Discipline of Study

The MRGP Center for Applied Suburban Ecology is a project of the Nature Conservancy in the State of New York.

Looks like the fields of Ecology and Conservation are really taking notice of the importance of studying human-ecology interactions in an entirely new way. Though I focus on Urban Ecology, in truth, it is hard to draw the line between urban and suburban areas. Human populations are growing spreading to much and so far that the line is fuzzy. I use the term city or urban areas very loosely, so urban and suburban areas and their ecologies overlap in my head. I'll also admit a lot of what I share can easily be found in suburban areas as well -- maybe you'll find more there, because presumably, there are alot more green spaces, parks, and yards in suburban areas as compared to dense cities. And no matter which side of the academic fence you come from, we all recognize that sustainability is the ultimate goal.
And the Mianus Gorge River Preserve have some suburban ecology internships and assistantships available for students in high school, undergraduate and graduate school.

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