Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amazing Animal Stories

Check this out! Scientists are learning new info about all kinds of creatures everyday.
Below, is just a little of what we’re learning about animals from all over the world.

Story 1. On the Hoof
Learn more about 4-legged creatures at the Ultimate Ungulate online Activity website: http://www.ultimateungulate.com/

Story 2: Birds, Bats and Bar Codes
New Bats have been discovered in Guyana, South America. I've visited Guyana annd it is such a beautiful country..Lots of biodiversity and a perfect place for ecovisits. In fact, I'll share some of my pictures and adventures from Guyana on the site at a later date. In the meantime, molecular and genetic research is now being put to use to help scientist identify new and well-known species of animals using Genetic Bar Codes. Yes, you read right. DNA of species can read much like in a bar code for items you purchase at the grocery story.
Science magazine features these 2 short articles about Amazing Animal research: Read here to learn more.

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