Thursday, November 09, 2006

Interesting visitors - Manatees in the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is home to many aquatic creatures, the most note-able of which is the catfish. But recently, a manatee was found swimming in the great river in Memphis, Tennessee. No doubt, this fellow was lost. It is normally found in warmer waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico. The sea cow, as it is also called, must have swam up the river from the mouth, near New Orleans, Louisiana. Read more about the discovered manatee, here & here and the attempted, yet failed rescue attempts here & here.
As strange as this may sound, even sharks have found their way far north up the Mississippi River. Some have even been sited in St. Louis, Missouri. Bull sharks are able to survive in marine, or salt water, and freshwater environments. Read here to learn more about Bull sharks and their occasional journeys north.

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