Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Possibilties for creating an urban science TV program

Great news!
I discovered my local public access station teaches individuals how to create and produce their own television and radio programs. They offer a variety of classes to teach people the fundamentals of ‘media arts’. They offer classes in video blogging, lighting, engineering and everything else related to producing a radio or television program. They even rent their equipment and facilities for a nominal fee. . Plus, the radio and television stations offer air time to help people host their own programs. There are some hoops to jump through, but this is a beautiful discovery for me. I’ve downloaded the class schedules and the application for new television programs proposal form.
Visit http://kdhxtv.org/ or http://www.kdhx.org/ for more information.
I will take baby steps, though. First, I’ll create video blogs as my pilot episodes. This will allow me to learn how to basic production techniques, test the program itself, attract an audience, my ability to engage an audience, and get some real feedback on all of the aforementioned items. After I feel more confident on these fronts, I’ll try for the local public access cable channel.
I hope to air Urban Science Adventures soon. Wish me lots of luck!

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