Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bright Idea: Urban Science TV Program

Okay, now that I am seriously thinking about this [ad]venture, I've got to figure out all of the ins and outs. I surfed the web today just to know what's out there about starting a science show program. No webpages with checklists or recommendations. (If you have any, I'm all ears).
But while surfing, I did come across some interesting things. One news article I ran across is about an Arizonia PBS Station that recently kicked off a new Science program geared to tweenagers, DragonFly TV, The show even has 2 teenage girls as hosts. I've never watched it, but it sounds great. The show shows everyday kids doing science and loving it. A great idea!
Scientific Literacy, Science Education and Appreciation of Science are so improtant to me. And I feel that it is especially important to promote these three things to urban and African-American youth. So, that's my angle. I want to produce an urban-friendly science program that teens from this demographic can relate to.
So, my next step was to let others know my desire and interests. I shared my thoughts with my fellow lab mates and two of my advisors. One of which has produced a few non-commercial animal behavior films. He is actually an Animal Behavior Society Jack Ward Memorial Film Competition Award receipient, ( He was great enough to make many recommendations about program content and structure. Plus, it was really great to have my advisor, a committee member and my colleagues on board. They've even offered to participate and star in future episodes. But hold on, let me not get ahead of my self.

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