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Saturday, April 05, 2008

National Public Health Week - April 7-13. The Environment and our Public Health. It is time to Take Action!

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) is proudly joining the American Public Health Association (APHA) as a cosponsor of

National Public Health Week 2008

This year's theme is Climate Change: Our Health in Balance.

National Public Health Week 2008 - April 7-13, 2008

Our lives are connected to the larger world. City and sub-urban living, with all of its conveniences can really remove us from the rest of the world. Our sturdy homes and shelters and office buildings make us feel safe from the outside elements. Appliances make daily life less physically taxing and give us more time for leisure. And our electronics keep us entertained and free from boredom. The NCSE and the APHA, one is an organization of environmental scientists and the other of public health researchers and administrators, have come together for one purpose --to promote awareness about the interconnectedness of the health of our planet and its people.

It's time we make the connection between the way we lead our lives, our impact on the planet, and the planet’s impact on our health.

TAKE ACTION! Sign the pledge. You can go online starting Monday, April 7, 2008.

During National Public Health Week 2008 APHA is encouraging individuals, families and communities to change their behavior in five important ways. Each day a new focus is addressed.

Monday: Be Prepared.
Inform yourself about the health impacts of climate change and climate change issues facing your community, and take actions to prepare for possible emergencies.
Tuesday: Travel Differently.
Leave the car at home one day, and take public transportation. Walk or bike, but if you need to drive, carpool – and telecommute if you can.
Wednesday: Eat Differently. Buy food from a community farmer’s market that doesn’t travel across the country to get to you. Eat more vegetables, and less meat.
Thursday: Green Your Work.
Use recycled paper if you don’t already, and even if you do, print less often and on both sides of the paper. Set your computer to energy-saver mode and buy eco-friendly office furniture.
Friday: Green Your Home.
Seal and insulate your home and replace air filters frequently to cut costs and save energy. Reduce your use of wasteful products, and reuse or recycle the products you do use. Conserve water whenever possible.

For more info:
Visit the website
Check out the Climate Change: Our Health in the Balance Toolkit. The toolkit includes fact sheets, media outreach materials, suggested community events, legislative information, resources, and activities for children and teachers to use throughout NPHW

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Anonymous said...

Trailnet Recognized as Public Health Partner by City of St. Louis Department of Health:

Trailnet was selected by the City of St. Louis Department of Health to receive a Public Health Partners Award for the "Travel Differently" category. The award was presented on April 11, 2008 at the City of St. Louis Department of Health 1st Annual National Public Health Week Business Awards luncheon.

Trailnet staff members, Phil Valko and Cindy Mense, with Trailnet Board Member Erin Farrel and Executive Director Ann Mack accept award from Pamela Rice Walker, Acting Director of Health for the City of St. Louis Department of Health

In keeping with this year's National Public Health Week theme, Climate Change: Our Health in Balance, the City of St. Louis Department of Health is encouraging local residents to consider how their everyday choices impact the environment. They recommend that St. Louisans consider protecting the environment by Being Prepared, Traveling Differently, Eating Differently, Greening Work and Greening Home. The Department of Health is awarding the following local businesses and agencies in the following categories Be Prepared - Anheuser Busch, Travel Differently - Trailnet, Eat Differently - Local Harvest, Green Your Work - City Streets and Refuse and Green Your Home - Habitat for Humanity Restore.

"For over 20 years, Trailnet has encouraged St. Louisans to use environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives. Their mission protects the health of our residents, our communities and our environment, and they have lead valuable efforts to make our City more walkable and bikeable," said Pamela Rice Walker, Acting Director of Health for the City of St. Louis Department of Health.

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