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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wildlife in the News

Turkeys stroll through in the inner-core suburbs of St. Louis, MO. Is that a wild turkey on my roof? Yes it is. Earlier this month, residents in nearby subdivisions were startled to see an adult male and companion female turkey slowly meandering northward through back yards, crossing streets and walking over houses.

photo credit - reader submitted photo to the St. Louis Suburban Journals.

This is an interesting news story about memory and response - in an invertebrate! One things I won't forget is my first encounter with crayfish. I was helping to rebuild a stream in the George Washington National Forest. I was standing in the medium flowing stream with water up to my hips. I was attending Natural Resources Career Camp with 29 other high school kids from the Southeast United States. As I was reaching in the water to move, place and secure rocks and boulders, my gloves would get pinched by these "little lobsters". I'd have to carefully removed each one, but everytime I reached in the cool water, another would grab ahold. By the end of the day my pants were ticked all over with crayfish. It was an amazing experience.

Oh, this is a must see. Researchers had hidden cameras up in the forest and found bears scratching heir backs on trees. But it looks like a cure little dance. They spliced and set the footage to groovy music.

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