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Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy April - Environmental Awareness Month

April showers bring May Flowers. It's the month of spring and sunshine and rain puddles and fresh green field with flowers blooming.

April is the best, no wonder this month hosts so many Environmental Awareness Days, such as Arbor Day and Earth Day.

Even if you live in the city and your little green heaven is only your neighborhood park, that's great. Celebrate it. Urban Ecology is inclusive of ALL of the plant and wildlife that shares space with human dwellings. And these small little oases are important, very important to the one or two animals or plants that call these spots home. But if you want to get more involved, promote these habitats. Yeah, it starts off small, but many small little plots and lots of lawns, wild flower gardens, and side walk trees add up. After a while, neighboring backyards, open-green lots, those little patches of grass by the side walk, create a green quilt of habitat patches. These patches are places for bugs and worms and insects to gather in the grass and soil. Soon, birds like robins, jays, and sparrows will visit these patches for food. Anywhere there are trees and bushes squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits are sure to follow.

Keep your eyes open, and I'll bet your neighborhood is already host to it's own Wild Kingdom of Urban Wildlife.
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Happy Environmental Awareness Month!

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