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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Urban Waterscapes (Travelog Europe)

The cities I visited in Europe were marked by internal waterways – rivers and canals. Here I share my views of the urban landscape as it meets the urban waterways.

Canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Canals of Groningen, the Netherlands

Vilaine River Rennes, France

Vilaine River Rennes, France

Seine River Paris France

Seine River Paris France

Seine River Paris France


2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm so glad I got a chance to stop by your blog for Watery Wednesday. These are beautiful shots of a beautiful city! Good luck with your trip to Antarctica! Sounds like an amazing trip!

Villager said...

Happy WW! What a remarkable set of photos. It is truly a good thing that you had a chance to travel at a young age.

Thank you for visiting my WW meme earlier today. President Jimmy Carter and others remind us that Racism in America is still a problem in the 21st century.

peace, Villager

Sharon P said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

Marie Höglund said...

Lovely urban scenes.

lisaschaos said...

Wow Danielle! You saw so many wonderful things!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking for your Thematic "Suburban" submission via Written Inc. and cannot find it. I did however see your gorgeous WW/WW submissions. The black and whites are to die for postcard perfect, I love looking at the water cannals and the details in the constructio of the buildings. Glad I found you!

please see mine

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

loving the river / canal shots

MansTouch said...

There are so many great places to see in France like Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Just to walk around is already an experience. Sipping a cup of coffee while cruising the Seine is one of the few things you can do to savor your trip.
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