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Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Parks - America's Best Idea

Tonight, Sunday, September 27, the first show in documentary series the National Parks - America's Best Idea airs at 8 pm EST/PST 7pm CST on PBS stations in the United States.

I'm quite excited about the documentary. It is a fabulous way to learn about our nation's natural resource heritage and to inspire awe in each of us. I also hope it encourages us all to appreciate these wonderful beautiful places and visit National Parks, as well as other public heritage lands like State Parks, National Forests and other heritage lands.

The series will air six episodes nightly (7pm CST) until October 9th. Full episodes are available on the PBS National Parks website.

This documentary also promises to be a celebration of diversity, too. It series captures the stories of the people who created, protected, and lived on/near these precious lands. Many of these stories have been lost to our collective memories. Yet thanks to people like Burns, as well as National Park supporters like Audrey & Frank Peterman founders of the Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great American Outdoors Conference, and James Mills an outdoor enthusiast and blogger, can once again know these stories and [re]discover our heritage. Be sure to check out Mills NPR/PRI To the Best of Our Knowledge interview with Burns and his interview about the important part the Buffalo Soliders played in American History and National Parks like Yosemite, Yellow Stone, and Sequoia.

I have visited:
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site - Little Rock, Arkansas
Hot Springs National Park - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (& Gateway Arch) - St. Louis, Missouri
Ozark National Scenic Riverways - Float trip near St. James, Missouri
Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site - St. Louis, Missouri
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - I'vedriven through it along Interstate 40 in Tennessee and North Carolina

waiting in line to enter Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park and inside the Museum (under the Arch)

Now, it's your turn.
This land is you land, this land is my land....A meme of sorts....
I'm calling out my blog friends to join in the fun.
The Oyster's Garter

How many National Parks have you visited?
Visit the site National Park Service map see which parks you may have visited or parks near you that you can visit soon.
Tell me in the comments and share on your blog (if you have one).


Rue said...

You know I *just* picked up a Passport at the King Center the other day (got my first stamp there), but need to add the rest on return trips. Yosemite is my fav, Muir Woods, SF Maritime Area, Sequoyah Nat'l forest for climbing. I am so enthusiastic to visit more sites!

I guess the one thing that troubles me about the parks, was the extermination of Native people to acquire them. I just can't forget this...


DNLee said...

I've yet to pick up a passport book. I'm prone to forget it when I travel. BUT, I do buy postcards as National Parks and National Forests, too and I stamp those and mail them to myself to scrap book when I return home.

Ratty said...

I don't think I've ever had a chance to visit a national park. I've visited a few state parks and very many smaller nature preserves. This is a very good subject though and I want to participate, so this week some time I'll come up with a way to further this idea in one of my posts. I'll let you know when I post it.

Ratty said...

I checked to make sure, but I never have visited a national park. Now I have a goal! I did write a post to help continue your national parks idea though. It's the one I have up today, titled "The Fall Of The Rat". I did it in my own unique way. I think it will put the parks in the minds of my readers that way. I hope you like it. Your original idea of the meme is an excellent one.

lisaschaos said...

Oh heck, I'm getting ready to start on my 2nd passport book - we've been to many many many. For our honeymoon we camped at Big Bend after visiting Carlsbad. :)

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