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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Decay

an artichoke flower
purple coneflowers

unknown flower

These are pictures I had taken while in the Netherlands in August. I was attracted to the crisp brown dying stalks and petals with hints of life and color against the tall strong stalks and green foliage. I was actually quite proud of my little Samsung S760 and my developing eye.

I was inspired to share these pictures of decaying flowers by two of my fellow nature photogbloggers - Lisa's Dead but still lovely pictures of a rose and Ratty's The Sad Part of Nature post about a dead garters snake.
Death and decay are a part of natural cycle. I have a host of pictures of dead wildlfe - plants, bugs, birds, and mammals. In time I will share these pictures with you - but they won't be nearly as beautiful as this. I'm giving you an early warning.


Ratty said...

Some of your pictures illustrate well why they are called cone flowers. I forget flowers sometimes. The meadow where I found the dead snake is full of these.

Negocio Inversiones said...

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