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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn & Agriculture

Autumn is harvest time and perfect time for us all to reflect on the importance of agriculture, especially us city-dwellers. Though the city has a lot of exciting amenities, we still depend on agriculture for our food needs; and agriculture is still a mostly rural activity. However, there are some great efforts to shift some food production to urban areas; and I am in support of that.

In the meantime, enjoy my autumn & agriculture adventures.

Pumpkins for decorating.
cute baby calves.

B&B - the Animal Science Club for college students. Yes, I was member of my college chapter many moons, ago. Go Aggies!

Standing next to a Guernsey Dairy cow.
Read more about my Farm-tastic adventures at the Best of Missouri Market here.


Mrs. Boyd's Garden
her cabbage

her cucumbers - which we ate.
My mom's bounty. Moving to Racine from Memphis was great for my mom's gardening efforts. For years, the squirrels ate everything. Now she has a pretty good harvest.
Red and purple Chili peppers. These can be eaten fresh or dried.

Yellow, red, and green tomatoes.

Snap beans and green tomatoes. Yes, we had fried green tomatoes - my mom makes the best.
This post is also apart of Thematic Photograph 69: Transtion. Autumn and Harvest are our season transition time.


Phylameana said...

Fried green tomatoes! I only had them once, but... YUM!

Will said...

You are so right. I live in the country now, but even when I had a postage stamp back yard in SF, I had a vegetable garden. Growing some of your own food is a good thing no matter where you live.

Happy WW and thanks for the visit!

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

A bit of garden can be grown almost anywhere under a variety of conditions. We all ought to be a bit more self sufficient and connected to the most basic need. Better for us and the planet both.


Nice blog there... you gave me a very useful informations... your blog also very cool... thanks !

Villager said...

Happy WW! The two shots I liked best are the pumpkin farm ... I remember taking my young 'uns to a local farm and the it ended with them being able to pick out pumpkins to take home. I also like you with that cow!

Serena Williams is one of my favorite athletes ... so imagine my joy at seeing a buck-naked Serena on the cover of national magazine. I invite your blog readers to see this image as well!

peace, Villager

Estrella Azul said...

Oh, how nice! Love the pumpkin photo the most, so cute :)

Gabriel said...

Beautiful pictures! Yup, this is the time of the year. It's time to go to the fall fairs, get our pumpkins... then get ready for Christmas...

It's my favourite season, no doubts.

Thanks for dropping by.

Ratty said...

My parents are from the country, and my dad always missed it. Detroit is known for having a lot of empty lots beside its houses, and we always made use of them. My dad would always plant a huge garden in any empty lot that we lived near. We sometimes even had farm animals. All of this right in the middle of Detroit. People laughed at us sometimes, but we had fresh food that they never did.

lisaschaos said...

I love seeing tons of pumpkins together like that! You are awesome! Calves are so cute aren't they!

Eliza Welch said...

Great photos!

I just started a blog and would love it if you'd stop by!
Eliza’s blog

Villager said...

Happy WW!

America is blessed to have a family with young 'uns in the White House. I invite your blog readers to enjoy the faces of Malia and Sasha Obama.

peace, Villager

lisaschaos said...

Lots of pumpkins! I had a dream last night about a cow laying on top of me, I was trying to push her off of me, but she just looked at me.

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