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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Quick Pics of Me in Europe

checking out the tourist map of Rennes
resting at Thabor Park, Rennes

Vilaine River, Rennes
self-portrait over theVilaine River of Rennes
Stopping traffic in Rennes

Stepped off of the Super train so I can say I also visited Belgium.

in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
traveling about town the Groningen way.

posing next to wall art, men carrying balls of cheese, I bet it's gouda

I just wanted to announce that this blog has debutted in the Top 100 blogs in the monthly Black Blog Rankings hosted by Electronic Village.
Thanks for your support and please vote for this blog in the best Science/Tech Blog for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards.
Dank u


Darcella Craven said...

Have I mentioned how much I just don't like you yet today!

Ok, I have stopped drinking the Hateraid! You look like you are having a great time. Tell the guys the girls and I say hello.

Have a great time!

Bernie said...

Firstly, congrats on entering the top 100 Black Blogs!!! Well Done!

A question for you if I may? Is that smile of yours, just a 'sticker' you have on, cause you smile in every photo! LOL LOL LOL..

Seriously, some great shots, and clearly, you enjoyed your trip...

Mine is up as well at AussiePomm... Have a great WW!

Ratty said...

I envy you because you are obviously having a wonderful time in Europe. It must be fun seeing all of the historical sites there. Congratulations on your top 100 debut.

Martin said...

Congrats on the blog ranking and an obviously successful trip. This has been a great travelogue the last few days.

Thanks for allowing us to travel through your camera and research.

Now, I want a post card, I want a post card (hand thrown in the air grade school style)!

Anonymous said...

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