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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Black Weblog Award Finalist

Wordless? Ha! I must say how very appreciative I am of all of my blog readers and supporters. Thanks to you Urban Science Adventures! © is a finalist for a weblog Award and the lone science blog in the Best Science/Technology Blog category. I’ve got some stiff competition.
To vote for me, and your other favorite Black Weblogs in 30 categories, simply visit the 2009 Black Weblog Awards Finalist Ballot page. Provide your name and email and pick your favorites. Voting ends September 1; winners are announced on September 4.

Antarctica Contest Update!
I’m in eighth place and I’m hanging in the top ten. You all are the greatest. Voting continues until September 30th, so I there is still time! I realize the voting process for this contest is a bit involved – registration, confirmation and then voting. If you registered, be sure to check the make sure you voted. You have to click on the Vote for me button after confirming registration. So sign-in and vote again to be sure - only one vote per registered email, so you won’t be double voting. If you have yet to vote, then please visit my official contest page.

But this contest has revealed something very important to me. I think the number of votes I have, now 608 (I need 3200 more to get into first place), accurately reflects the reach of my blog. And I am very proud and pleased with this number. A little over year ago I thought hardly anyone read this blog and in that year I my subscription rates have increased. Plus, my comments have increased dramatically. I now get comments and nearly every post I make. Also, I’ve met and made several new friends including other science/nature bloggers, my technorati authority has grown, I’ve had friends and acquaintances of many years discover this blog serendipitously who are now subscribers, and I’ve even had people come up to me in person who recognized me from the blog. So all in all, I know this contest is a success. And it has signaled to me that in order to truly earn more votes for this contest (or any other online contest), I simply need to keep reaching more people.


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