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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Polar Bears and Climate Change

International Polar Year is scientific celebration and research program that celebrates the unique ecosystems and habitats of the North and South Poles. It is also an educational campaign to document these biomes before they are no more. Climate change and global warming are threatening EVERYTHING we know to be real in the world. Losing a biome is a travesty -- it would mean loss of innocent life, the compromised ability for people and animals to feed and shelter ourselves, and the complete altering our our weather and season patterns which impacts our agriculuture and ways of living.

Right now, polar bears, the top predator of the northern polar region is seriously threatened with extinction. The World Wildlife Federation has a new TV campaign to make people aware of how climate change is affecting polar bears and other animals. Polar bears are at risk of extinction due to melting and thinning arctic ice, and could disappear by the end of this century if we don't take action. Can you imagine how awful that would be.
Actor and WWF supporter Noah Wyle generously donated his time to record this important message about polar bears at risk. Watch this two-minute video right now.

Help me in sharing this message and working to make our world a place were NO animal dies from the face of the earth in our or our children's lifetimes.

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