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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Cast my Black Weblog Nominations today - Updates from ISBE

I just posted my nominations for the Black Weblog Awards!

According to a note by the Black Weblog Award Founder/Administrator - Markus Robinson - on Facebook, over 1000 entries have been submitted as of last Thursday (Aug 7).

A big fat THANK YOU to all who have nominated this blog!

ISBE Conference updates

1. Cornell is impossibly hilly - and huge, but beautiful. This campus is so wide. I had hope to come across the famous founding location of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. No such luck as yet.

2. I'm having a great time. Catching up with conference friends and former lab mates, even getting some work done on one of my manuscripts. And hearing the best talks about urban wildlife and related issues. I heard the best talk ever about moles, shrews and earthworms. I can't wait to write an Urban Wildlife Watch posts about these animals. And I have been granted some great interviews. I can't wait to share some really great science research news with you.

3. It is confirmed, Jerry Wolff is with the Great Spirit in the Sky. I haven't been provided sordid details, but a former student of his confirms that he indeed returned his body and spirit to a VERY remote wilderness. It is what he wanted. But I prefer to think that he's living fat and happy on a Mormon Compound enjoying the pleasure of young blonde naive girls. Ahh!

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