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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sharing Science - Lusty Voles

Related to my last post on a new way to share science with the public, here is a percet example.
A team of researchers had a quick science news article released on ScienceBlog about their research on voles: Lusty voles, mindless of danger, mate like rabbits. Now this article interests me for 2 reasons. One, I work with voles, so here I am engrossed in the story. Two, I'm thining to myself, I know who did this research. There are only a handful of vole researchers, in this case prairie vole researchers, and we all know one another. And sure enough, I see some familiar names - Alex Ophir - a buddy of mine from waay back - hanging out at conferences and we've actually studied at the same institution but not at the same time. Check it out and enjoy. Scary how similarly lusty people and voles are, eh?

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