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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Blogs I am recommending

Thanks to my every popular and fantastic cousins at The People Could Fly Project, they tagged this site as one of their favorite blogs. Thanks girls.

Here are some of my favorite blogs to read & I think are worth sharing. Check them out.

1. Planning and Preparing for College. This is a GREAT resource for my readers. Paying for college is no walk in the park. It's getting more expensive and the colleges/universities are offereing fewer full rides. And please know, the days of the minority scholarship are dead. It's better to receive scholarships from multiple foundations. That way you can take your money anywhere.

2. Science To Life. Graduate student Karen V. posts the latest in science and medical news. News you can use. I don't think alot of people know about ScienceBlogs (people in the Black Blog-o-sphere, that is) and that's a shame. Her posts are really informative and I think we may see her on TV one day, the medical/science commentator on CNN, MSNBC or something.

3. Young Black Professional Guide. It is a great place to catch up with a little bit of everything...professional tips, financial literacy, tech updates, politics. social commentary, a little gossip. Just enough of everything without being overwhelming. They also produce - directory of black blogs. It's worth checking out. It's where I discovered my recommended blogs #1 and #4.

4. Science, Education, and Society. This blog is a commentary about how more and better science education and literacy are needed within the Black community. I hold-heartedly agree. Also includes some political and socioeconomic commentary that can get a little irreverant.

5. Jessie's Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Adventures. It is is wonderful blog, full of great photos and descriptions of wildlife and landscapes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The page is defunct, but the posts and beautiful upclose photos of the area's wildlife are worth a share. My friend Jessie did a summer research internship there and she talks about the research, too. Ecology Rocks!!

Honorable Mention: I like how it is organized. You can check out news stories about the environment, animals, technogy, more. It's all tabbed. Plus there are always some cool top ten lists. They have a blog site that features some great commentaries on the stories. It's a great way to stay up.


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Planning and Preparing for College Science To Life Young Black Professional Guide Science, Education, and Society Jessie's Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Adventures blog site


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